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Finding Your Best Fit: Any Job vs Best Fit Job

Do you know how much of our life is spent in your job?

Research shows that the average person will spend around 90,000 hours (~40 years) at work over a lifetime - not to mention how that number may likely be higher for big-city workers like Hong Kong, London, New York, and so on.

By spending probably half of your lifetime at work, what’s your approach in career planning? Do you believe you can influence the type of job you are going to land when you are conducting job searches?

With my 20+ years (in-house & external) recruitment experience, common areas job seekers focus on when searching for a job include higher pay, better culture, clearer career path, stronger company brand, etc. Yes, for most people these are all important factors to consider, but the list does not end there, especially for those who are highly skilled and are in great demand.

So you start throwing out resumes, ask yourself the following questions: What unique experience and expertise can you bring to the table? What differentiates you from other applicants?

What are your needs as a talent?

Have you considered what would make you most fulfilled at a job?

This is where the concept of Best Fit Job comes in. In the world of GTP, we believe that each individual has their unique gift and potential to offer to their employers. And it’s only if, and only when, you learn to fully understand and tap into your strengths, motivations, and preferences, that’s when you’ll be able to target and apply for jobs that are actually a good match.

So what is a Best Fit Job you ask?

The major difference between any job and a Best Fit Job is the matching element.

Besides considering your external needs (salary, career path, benefits, etc.), we encourage you to also explore and prioritize your internal needs (personality and technical strengths, career/personal development motivators, preferred team culture and dynamic, etc.). This will not only increase your chance of standing out in an interview but also increase your chance to maximum career satisfaction and performance.

Remember this: A star always chooses the stage that showcases the best, not the other way round.

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