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Career Transition

Is it possible to turn the unavoidable layoff decision into a constructive career transition assistance opportunity?

The answer is YES. 

We know, because we were once in your position, both leadership and individual levels. 

Our Co-Founder's

Personal Story:

Executing A Restructuring That Also Affected Herself

It started with the decision of a company restructure. Our Co-founder had been taking charge of rounds of company restructuring exercises across 3 continents for many years, but this time, she had not only laid off over 50+ employees in a day - while personally also affected as a leaving member. 


Despite facing the challenges and uncertainty ahead for herself, she still insisted to initiate a one-on-one session with each of the affected members after the announcement date to empower them, and offer a proper closure - so that everyone could be emotionally ready to move on with a fresh new start for their future.

How to make it happen?

We understand the challenges, impacts and pains from both the leadership and employee perspectives. We want to empower caring employers from “Good” to “Great” by going extra miles to support a forward-looking Career Transition Assistance Program for their affected team members.

For this, we adopt a coaching and a more personalised approach with the aim to create self-awareness and empower the affected team members to identity their next motivated career chapter.

GTP Outplacement Services & Career Transition Assistance Program

Cheerful Business Meeting




  • Channelling their emotions and bringing a proper closure to their last job with a listening heart & ears against an in-depth corporate understanding

  • Strengthening their self-awareness to identify their natural strengths, motivations and preferences through a reliable Thomas PPA DISC assessment

  • Obtaining recommendation for 5+ “Best-Fit-Jobs” to help them set concrete plans for applying for their next motivated jobs

Approach: 2x one-on-one meetings or more



  • Workshop 1: Identifying your Motivating Career Path (Best Fit Job) via Design Thinking framework

  • Workshop 2: “Know Your Employer (KYE)” x CV rewrite for your Ideal jobs

  • Workshop 3: LinkedIn 101 & Job search O2O

  • Workshop 4: Interviewing Skills 101

Approach: Small group workshops

Similing Team
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