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Finding Your Best Fit Job: The True Meaning of a Personality Fit

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

When thinking about personality fit in a career context, you might just associate it with how well the individual gets along with the manager and the team. In the GTP world, personality fit is way beyond just that. If the ultimate goal is to find your best-fit-job, you must understand that “personality fit” is the most unique and important puzzle piece of all.

So what’s the first area we should consider - the fundamentals - role fit. Do you think there are particular roles that suit your personality more than others? This might seem obvious, but a lot of individuals are actually looking at it with a filtered pair of lens. When we do career coaching with job seekers, they often pigeon hole themselves in roles they allow themselves to apply based on their personality. “I’m a bit shy and an introvert, I can’t do people facing roles.”

“I am outgoing and talkative, I guess I should be in sales.”

“I have always been detail-oriented and I love working by myself, admin roles are good for me I guess.”

Let’s look at an example:

What personality do you think would best fit a sales role? Results over people? Cutthroat? Aggressive? Driven?

Now, I invite you to try to recall the last time you bought something and had a great experience. What was that salesperson like - is he cutthroat, results over people, aggressive, and driven? Maybe, but not necessarily I suppose. The key is to understand that a job title can mean many different things. It does not define the role and most certainly does not define what is the best fitting personality. Just thinking of a sales role itself, there are different top sales with different personalities - some are relationship builders, some are technical and subject matter experts, some are great at digging into client needs and are great listeners. When exploring a role, I urge you to look beyond the title or the “typical definitions” society imposes, but actually read through the job descriptions, the company page, and go to the interviews to identify the “personality fit to the role” instead of just applying a job title matching when exploring for your next job - you’ll be surprised by how one shift in mentality can change the scope of your career search. It will also open you up with job search success with the employer who truly values “Who you are”.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your personality and let it shine through a Best Fit Job? Contact us at for an assessment or coaching session.

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