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Effective Business Etiquette & a Professional Image

What is effective business Etiquette? WHY it matters to you? When you think of business etiquette, what comes to your mind in the first 5 seconds?

We were given a precious opportunity to speak to a group of participative and inquisitive students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on May 20 to help them understand the 5Ws and 1H on Effective Business Etiquette & Professional Image, especially WHY it matters to the students?.

Leveraging on my past HR leadership experience, I shared with the group on the secret on how company leaders and HRs make critical people decisions.

They are always on the lookout of 4 things for every talent at every company setting and event. They aim at searching for the validated information on the AAWE (Attitude, Aptitude, Willingness to learn, relevant Experience & Education) of each talent and employ those information to select the right talent to take up different roles and assignments in the organization to support the company growth. Among AAWE, Attitude tops their selection criteria.

I hope this little tips help you to be much more mindful on how your business etiquette projects your AAWE in the minds of the people leaders.

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