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Communicate for Success

When was the last time you grasped all the attention at a work meeting? Or did you experience the opposite at work?

Quick Tips - Start with "WE"

I learned a big lesson on using "I", "YOU" & "WE" when I have first taken my Global HR Business Partner role in an international firm back then.

It had been a struggle for me to work under a matrix team structure reporting to both HR functionally and the Business Unit Head operationally.

That day, my Global HR Head asked me for a catch up. He was able to help me out by having me thinking about switching my choice of words when communicating. Every time when I say "You & I ", I separate myself from the rest of HR or BU. Every time when I say "We", I suddenly felt like I am also a part of the team regardless HR or BU.

Start with "WE" has helped me a lot since then. I hope we will start using more "WE" going forward for creating more fruitful conversations.

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