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Passion - Can I see it?

What is the #1 question that a successful founder/hiring manager wants to know from the candidates?

Having the privilege to make hiring decisions in the past 20 years, I always learn so much from each single talent

Due to the rise of Technology and demand for innovative products for business success, to hire "passionate candidates" has become a "must" quality rather than a "nice to have" quality from successful candidates.

Many people have been asking me, it is so hard to measure "Passion" How can you tell?

My interview experience with D. Lee, who applied for Product Engineer opening with my former Technology firm was most memorable to me. He enabled me to actually see & feel "Passion" at a profound level that I am still talking about it today.

When I just started my very first question -- "Why are you interested in our company?"

D. Lee was able to convince me right at the first minute. He started by literally saying "I love your products since 5 years ago " by telling me how great our products were, how advanced our products were as compared to our direct competitors, ...... While he was explaining, he was carrying a big smile as he was introducing his "girl friend" with me.

He convinced me that he had a genuine interest in our company with the product knowledge that was even comparable to our best Engineers. The joy shown in his emotion conveyed a profound level of connection and trust with me on him.

I was sold by the passion that I saw and felt ... and he was hired.

Next time when you are interviewing candidates, please ask "Why are you interested in our company", it may help you find your next passionate talent.

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