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Get Connected in 5 Minutes

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

How often do you speak to a new colleague, a new client or a new service provider? How much time do you need to build the connection with them ?

1st - Knowing Your Own "Motivator"

Learning DISC Personality profiling has been an eye-opening experience for me. Based on my DISC profile, my motivator is to make someone life's better. I used to react strongly to someone who cares less about people than I do.

2nd- Find Out the "Motivator" of the Other Party

Now I know. Some people are more motivated by "Achievement", "Stability" or "Structures" besides someone like me by "People's well-being". Therefore, I learn not to judge someone's personality. As personality is just personality. There is no good personality or bad personality as every personality has its strengths and limitations too.

The key is to listen & find out someone's motivator in the first few minutes of the conversation. When you address your new acquaintance's motivator, you will naturally "get connected" with anyone.

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