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Finding the Best Fit Candidate: The Ultimate Hiring Challenge

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

When asking experienced HRs and Recruiters, “what are your biggest hiring challenges?” Three answers stood out. 1. I can’t find the right candidate

2. I can’t attract the right candidate 3. The candidate was right at first but didn’t stay that way An interesting pattern we noticed is that the type of hiring challenge is actually correlated to the hiring company's employer branding. Meaning that the less attractive the company is perceived to candidates, the more common their HR and Recruiting team would express problems 1 or 2.

However, for companies that are highly rated in terms of employer branding, and are considered by candidates as attractive to work at, they tend to experience problem 3 more than others. Now, there are tons of literature and resources out there that address problems 1 & 2, and hence we will focus on 3 - the ultimate hiring problem today.

As experienced and skillful HR professionals, we understand the cost and pain of mishires, and are all striving to hire the Best Fit Candidate for each role. Our focus is often placed most strongly on the recruiting process and during the early stages of the employee journey, which is also why processes like the probation period exist. However, HR and business leaders are starting to notice a gap as the talent sourcing process is missing some key elements to satisfy the ever-changing VUCA world of business.

The challenge now has evolved from hiring for a talent that suits the role we have on hand now, to finding a talent that will continue to be the best fit as the role evolves and changes. In this coming series of “Identifying the Best Fit Candidate”, we will dig deep into this ultimate hiring challenge by addressing the 4 key fits in the context of the VUCA world: Technical Fit; Personality Fit; Cultural Fit; and Motivational Fit.

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