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From Best-Fit-Job analysis, to effective communication and team building, GTP adopts Thomas DISC Personality Assessment to find out what works best.


Situational Leadership

Used by Fortune 500 corporations, Situational Leadership® is a framework for leaders to match their behaviours with the performance needs.

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We empower caring employers from “Good” to “Great”, and turn the unavoidable decision into a constructive assistance opportunity

Our Customers' Experience

han hsi ho.jpeg

Han Hsi Ho

Founding Partner of

Platform Design Associates

I highly recommend Polly for her expertise in DISC assessment and insights she offered in my behavior traits, leadership style and career potentials. Polly is very considerate and came prepared to the assessment debrief, resulting in the most useful session amongst similar assessments I have ever taken.

amy wong.jpeg

Amy Wong

COO at AQ Talent Lab

This personal consultation came at a time when I struggled with leadership, sales skills and hiring decisions. Understanding my communication motivator and my counterparties' preferences is a real game-changer, and it takes a load of stress off from my daily work life.

seth owusu.jpeg

Seth Owusu

Research and Teaching Assistant, HKUST

From what I got know about myself from that consultation, I strongly believe it will be incredibly invaluable if any individual could get the chance to know in the early stages of their decision making.


I think anyone who believes in doing what you love the most while making a living out of it should visit the "Best-Fit-Job" career consultation team.

Image by Brooke Cagle

To win in the marketplace,

you must first win the workplace.

Douglas Conant

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